Molecular Isotope Technologies℠: News and Abstracts


Connecticut High-Tech Company Uses “Nature’s Fingerprint” To Add Value to Patent Portfolios

Note: Given the confidential nature of most of our pharmaceutical isotopic research, only a fraction of it can be released to the public. We present here our characteristic work in pharmaceutical Isotope Product and Process Authenticity.

The International Forum on Process Analytical Chemistry (IFPAC-07). (Jan. 28-31, 2007, Baltimore, MD, USA)Ambient Stable-Isotopic Records of Pharmaceutical Compounds: Implications for Process Patent Protection and Process Analytical Chemistry (PAC)

Mechanisms that Determine the Stable-Isotopic Composition of the API, Topiramate: Implications for Process Analytical Chemistry (PAC) and Process Patent Protection 

  • Eastern Analytical Symposium. (Nov. 12-16, 2006, Somerset, NJ, USA)

 Progress from Stable-Isotopic Authentication to Process Analytical Chemistry

  • The International Isotope Society Meeting (July 16-20, 2006, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • International Forum on Process Analytical Chemistry (IFPAC-06) (Feb. 20-23, 2006, Washington, DC, USA)
  • SMi Meeting on Pharmaceutical Anticounterfeiting (Nov. 27-29, 2005, London, UK )
  • Eastern Analytical Symposium (Nov. 13-17, 2005, Somerset, NJ, USA
  • The International Isotope Society Meeting (Oct. 20-21, 2005, Uncasville, CT, USA)

Multi-Stable-Isotopic Authentication of Pharmaceutical Identity

  • The SMi Conference on "Securing the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain" Meeting (Nov. 29-30, 2004, London, UK )
  • The International Isotope Society Meeting (Oct. 29, 2004, King of Prussia, PA, USA)
  • The American Chemical Society’s Meeting on Pharmaceutical Authentication and Forensic Analysis (May 25-27, 2004, Tampa, Florida, USA)

Stable Isotopic Characterization of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

  • The American Society of Mass Spectrometry Meeting (June 8-13, 2003, Montreal, Canada)

Stable Isotopic Characterization of Drug Substances and Drug Products

  • Forensic Isotope-Ratio Mass Spectrometry (FIRMS) Meeting (Sept. 17, 2002, Brands Hatch, Kent, UK)

Forensic Applications of Stable Isotopes: Arson and Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting

  • The International Technical Working Group on Fire and Explosives (Oct. 16, 2002, Orlando, Florida, USA)

Stable Isotopic Characterization of Analgesic Drugs

  • The American Society for Mass Spectrometry (May 27-31, 2001, Chicago, IL, USA)

A Stable Isotopic Indirect Calorimeter for the Quantification of the Metabolic Rate of 13C-Labelled Metabolites in Mice

  • The International Isotope Society (October 27, 2000, King of Prussia, PA, USA)
  • French Stable Isotope Meeting (Dec. 20, 2000, Nancy, France)

The Increasing Use of Stable Isotopes in the Pharmaceutical Industry*

  • Sixth Canadian CF-IRMS Workshop (Aug. 15-18, 1999, Victoria, Canada)