Nature's Fingerprint® Authentication

Natures Fingerprint® Authentication, a subsidiary of  Molecular Isotope Technologies ℠ (MIT LLC) contributes to the mitigation of identity theft of both the pharmaceutical products and the synthetic pathways by which they were produced via Pharmaceutical Product and Process Authentication.

Identity theft or counterfeiting, countertrading, and illegal reimportation of pharmaceutical products variously threaten consumer confidence and product efficacy, as well as the economic well-being of pharmaceutical companies.

Recent studies of the natural stable-isotopic "fingerprints" of pharmaceuticals show a highly-specific method for product monitoring that will allow product and process identification and suppress the perils of identity infringement.



Product Authenticity

Isotopic compositions in natural materials may vary widely in time and space, but that they are both chemically and isotopically homogenized in batch production processes. To learn more about Product Authenticity click below.

Process Authenticity

Many synthetic reactions to the consumption of the reactants may be incomplete, resulting in products whose isotopic compositions are disproportionate to the original isotopic compositions of the reactants. To learn more about this we invite you to read our Process Authenticity page.

Product and Process Infringement

Pharmaceuticals are subject to various forms of Intellectual property infringement from the earliest stages of raw material acquisition though manufacturing and various steps in product distribution. To learn more about this visit our Product & Process Infringement page.