Main Practitioners

john John P. Jasper: Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Jasper (Ph.D., 1988, M.I.T./Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst.) founded in 1999 and is the Chief Scientific Officer of Molecular Isotope Technologies ℠ LLC (MIT LLC), a company that specializes in pharmaceutical product and process (“Nature’s Fingerprint®” and “Isotopic Pedigree®”) authentication.  By training, he is an analytical organic and stable isotope chemist who uses bulk and compound-specific approaches to determine the sources of natural and synthetic organic matter and their synthetic “fingerprints,” particularly in pharmaceutical materials (MIT LLC Articles).
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sabatelli  Anthony D. Sabatelli, PhD, JD. 

Dr. Sabatelli (PhD, 1984, Yale University; JD, 1994, Salmon P. Chase College of Law) is an experienced patent attorney and partner at Dilworth IP, LLC in Trumbull, CT. He is a former biotech executive and research scientist, having held positions at Melinta Therapeutics, Merck, and Procter & Gamble, where he originally began his career as a research chemist. Dr. Sabatelli learned early on that the successful patent practitioner must be an “Exclusivity Attorney” adept at understanding the complex interplay of patent, regulatory, and product life-cycle issues. Dr. Sabatelli also serves as an adjunct professor at the University of New Haven and is an inventor on over a dozen patents. Read more.

Dr. Russell B. Poe

(Ph.D., 1993 Virginia Commonwealth University) is Chief Scientific Officer at Birch Biopharmaceutical Consultants which provide strategic, technical, and regulatory support for Chemistry and Manufacturing Control (CMC) activities in the pharmaceutical and other regulated industries.  Previously, he has worked for Pfizer, Inc as an Analytical Chemist and as a Pharmaceutical Science Team Leader on 60 experimental drugs in neuropharmacology, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and in dermatology.  His research interest is in experimental design and using applied multivariate statistical techniques in the area of pharmaceutical science, engineering applications, and manufacturing.  Dr. Poe was classically trained in the area of chemometrics and received his Ph.D. in chemistry at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1993.  He later received a joint fellowship from the Science and Technology Agency of Japan and U.S. National Science Foundation for chemometric studies in the area of separation sciences.      

pearsonProf. Ann Pearson

(Ph.D., 2000, MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Chemical Oceanography). is the Murray and Martha Ross Professor of Environmental Sciences at Harvard University. Her research focuses on applications of analytical chemistry and isotope geochemistry to Earth and environmental processes. Through studying the chemistry of natural organic molecules, her work yields insight about conditions on Earth today, in the past, and about potential human impacts on our future. Recent projects have focused on understanding pathways of lipid biosynthesis relevant to the global carbon and nitrogen cycles, and on new technologies for biomolecular stable isotope analysis. Pearson received a Fellowship for Science and Engineering from the David and Lucille Packard Foundation in 2004, a Radcliffe Institute Fellowship in 2009, and was named a Marine Microbiology Initiative Investigator of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation in 2012. She holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Oceanography from the MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography, where she was awarded the C. G. Rossby Award for Best Dissertation in the Program in Atmospheres, Oceans, and Climate; as well as a B.A. in Chemistry from Oberlin College.

Advisory Board and Key Consultants

hayes75Dr. John M. Hayes.

(Ph.D.,1966, M.I.T., Chemistry,), Scientist Emeritus, was a Senior Scientist, Department of Geology and Geophysics, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Scientific Advisor. Member, National Academy of Sciences. Has led research on (i) the distribution of carbon-13 in organic molecules produced by microorganisms, (ii) microbially catalyzed reactions in aquatic sediments, and (iii) methods for isotopic analyses of molecules in complex organic mixtures.

fiese75 Dr. E.F. "Gene" Fiese

Dr. Fiese (Ph.D., 1972, University of Michigan) is presently a pharmaceutics consultant to the pharmaceutical industry. In 2004, after 30 years at Pfizer Inc, Groton, CT, he retired as an Associate Research Fellow in the General Pharmaceutics Group, Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Pfizer Global Research and Development, Groton, CT.  His main responsibility was managing a group that assessed the physical chemical properties of potential drug candidates, lead optimization for development of solid, parenteral and aerosol dosage forms. His research interests include characterization of hydrates and polymorphs, chemical stability, solubility phenomenon and lipophilicity relationships involved in absorption. He has published in the areas of Preformulation, Polymorphs, Hydrates and General Pharmaceutics.

morrill75Stephen S. Morrill, Esq

(J.D., 1984, Northwestern University School of Law; outside legal counsel) is an attorney who concentrates in government relations and administrative law areas, having served as a lawyer, lobbyist and government official for approximately 20 years. After graduating from Northwestern University with a B.A. in Economics, Morrill was a Governor's Fellow in Springfield, working for a year in various areas of the Illinois Governor's Office.

barth75The Hon. Francis Barth

(J.D., 1962, DePaul University) is a retired Justice of the Appellate Court of Illinois. Judge Barth served as a judicial officer for 26 years, assignments included serving as Presiding Judge of the Chancery Division, Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois. As a trial judge, he presided over a broad range of civil litigation such as commercial disputes, personal injury, state and local taxation, and election law. He concluded his judicial career as a member of the Appellate Court of Illinois, sitting in review of judgments and orders of the Circuit Court. Since his retirement, Judge Barth has remained active as an arbitrator and mediator.

thor-torgersenMr. Thor Torgersen

(Rhode Island School of Design) Implemented and managed Pfizer's internal web development group before establishing Pyramid MDT Corporation, a full service rich media and web development solutions source.

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